Relationship Cross Reading

The Relationship Cross Reading is a very interesting Tarot spread.  The card to the left (#1 in the Tarot Spread Legend) represents Your Role in the relationship. The card to the right (#2 in the Tarot Spread Legend) represents the Role of your Partner in the relationship. The card at the top of the cross (#3 in the Tarot Spread Legend) represents the Foundation of the Relationship. The card in the center of the cross (#4 in the Tarot Spread Legend) represents the Current Situation of the Relationship. Finally the card at the bottom of the cross (#5 in the Tarot Spread Legend) represents the Probable Outcome, the Future of the Relationship.

Please focus on your question and click on “Shuffle”, then click on “Flip all Cards” or click the Back of the cards one by one. Click on each image to read Cards’ Meanings. Consult the Tarot Spread Legend found bellow the Cards.

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Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands denotes being defensive and putting up barriers and boundaries. You are protecting your point of view and your position.

Seven of Wands reversed indicates an inability to hold your ground, especially if it is not popular. There is a lack of defending oneself.

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups is the card for getting what you want and having a wish come true. This card speaks of abundance and satisfaction, and about being proud of what you have achieved.

Nine of Cups reversed indicates that the seeker is not going to get what they wish for. Family and friendship might be falling apart. There are disintegrating and separation, often due to lifestyle choices.

Six of Cups

Six of Cups is the card for sensuality and pleasure, memories, innocence, nostalgia and childhood. Sometimes this card shows up when someone from the past is on their way back into your life again.

Six of Cups reversed indicates a difficult childhood and haunting, even disturbing childhood memories. Memories of all kinds can be an issue when this card shows up reversed, even memory loss.

Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles denotes being of service and doing the actual work (in contrast to Page of Pentacles who enjoys daydreaming about the idea rather than actual living it). Knight of Pentacles is comfortable with routine and is efficient and conservative.

Knight of Pentacles reversed indicates sloppiness, bitterness and envy. This is someone who is sucking up to those who can help them climb the ladder to wealth and success but will do nothing for those who haven’t got money or connections.


Death represents transformation, endings and new beginnings. When the Death card shows up it tells you that things will not be the same again. A transformation is taking place, you are growing and changing with the circumstances you find yourself in.

Death reversed indicates that something that should have come to a blessed end for some reason persists. ‘Not death’ is not a desired thing as it is not living either. For some reason, the person is holding on. Blocked grief is often a factor.

Four of Cups

Four of Cups is the card for contemplation. It often shows up when the querent is dissatisfied about something and doesn’t fully notice what they are being offered.

Four of Cups reversed indicates the seeker has become unseated and is avoiding something and/or someone important.

Page of Wands

Page of Wands denotes an enthusiastic young person who is eager to explore and gain life experience.

Page of Wands reversed indicates a bully and a mean-tempered person who likes to show off and is demanding attention.


Strength represents our courage, passions, strength, self-confidence, patience and compassion. Strength reminds us to follow our passions, to take the time to do the things that make us tick, that makes us strong within ourselves and which builds confidence and self-worth.

Strength reversed denotes a lack of courage, lack of passion, fear, even timidity and impatience. Weak will and lack of backbone are indicated when this card shows up reversed. The lion remains untamed, often due to a fear of standing out due to peer pressure.

Knight of Swords denotes a communicative, strong-minded and at times an opinionated person who is very action oriented and thrive on change. This is someone with a competitive streak and doesn’t like to let go of his/hers position in an argument.

Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords reversed indicates a person with a speech impediment or learning disabilities. This is someone who is intelligent but for some reason is unable to express themselves.