The Line Spread

All cards in this layout are in a straight horizontal line in a descending order.
This spread represents the Distant Past, the Near Past, the Present, the Near Future and the Distant Future and used for quick readings.
This is a very accurate spread which gives a very clear idea about the situation.

Please focus on your question and click on “Shuffle”, then click on “Flip all Cards” or click the Back of the cards one by one. Click on each image to read Cards’ Meanings.

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The World

The World is the final Major Arcana card and represents fulfillment and successful completion of a cycle. You know your place in the world, and your life lessons have made you smart and accomplished. The World shows up when the world is ready for you and want what you have to offer.

The World reversed indicates staying at home secluded within the comfort zones, projects and ventures remain incomplete. The querent is unable to finish what they started.”

Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles symbolizes your work, especially where teamwork or listening to clients/customers are concerned. This is a positive card which indicates job satisfaction and taking pride in your work, but you must put in the effort to see results.

Three of Pentacles reversed indicates lack of quality in work performance.

Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles symbolizes a vision that will pay off in the future. You are planting the seeds so that you will be able to harvest a more secure and abundant future for yourself.

Seven of Pentacles reversed indicates impatience and moving forward before the time is ripe. This card reversed can also mean unemployment.


Death represents transformation, endings and new beginnings. When the Death card shows up it tells you that things will not be the same again. A transformation is taking place, you are growing and changing with the circumstances you find yourself in.

Death reversed indicates that something that should have come to a blessed end for some reason persists. ‘Not death’ is not a desired thing as it is not living either. For some reason, the person is holding on. Blocked grief is often a factor.

King of Wands

King of Wands denotes a married man who is a natural and charismatic leader. He has entrepreneurial skills and loves to run a new and exciting project.

King of Wands reversed indicates dictatorship. This is someone with a god complex and a bad temper, often very violent.