Three Card Tarot Reading


The three card reading is one of the simplest tarot card spreads.
The card to the left represents events in your past that may have led to the position you are in now.
The Tarot card in the center position represents your outlook on your current state of affairs.
The card furthest to the right suggests a possible outcome if no action is taken to change the current course. The future is not set in stone & can be changed through action.

Please focus on your question and click on “Shuffle”, then click on “Flip all Cards” or click the Back of the cards one by one. Click on each image to read Cards’ Meanings.

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Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles symbolizes financial loss or hardship. It can also mean you are in a place where you feel there is no security and your health might be suffering.

Five of Pentacles reversed indicates disorder and chaos. Not only is there no money, but there is also a lack of spirituality and friendship.

Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles symbolizes luxury, financial security and being on a lavish holiday.

Nine of Pentacles reversed indicates loneliness and unhappiness. The home is neither secure nor amazingly comfortable. The seeker might feel like a prisoner in their own home.

The Lovers

The Lovers represents love and relationship, soul mates, physical attractions, choices to be made, The Lovers represents doing the things that make us feel whole, being with the people who make us feel whole.

Lovers reversed indicates a breakup between partners, families and friends. Whatever it is, the people who split up are not creating the same magic and chemistry on their own and become less whole. Lovers reversed can also indicate a wrong choice being made.