Lucky Gemstone for Your Zodiac!

Do you know that each of the 12 zodiac signs is being represented by a gemstone? Astrologically, each of the signs in the zodiac has a specific gemstone that symbolizes a planet and instills good luck and prosperity in the lives of the individuals of that particular zodiac sign. So let us explore and find out which gemstone is lucky for you.

Aries: Aries’ lucky gemstone is ‘the king of all precious stones’, Diamond. Diamond is known to bring strength to the Arian’s relationships and self-assurance. It will also help them fetch balance, prosperity, and precision. It should be worn on the middle finger on the Fridays after properly consulting an astrologer. Those who want to specifically improve their finances should make use of a garnet.

Taurus: The birthstone of Taurus is Emerald and it is believed to enhance the power of the planet Venus. It equips them with good memory and acumen. It can also serve to increase their wealth and property manifold. If recommended, it should be worn on Wednesdays.

Gemini: With restlessness and inconsistency being their two most negative traits, Pearl is Gemini’s luckiest jewel. It brings in the much-needed serenity and modesty in their lives. The pearl also can be associated with purity and virtue. Wearing a lustrous pearl around the neck will bring the Gemini good fortune.

Cancer: The emotional and sensitive Cancerian’s auspicious stone is Moonstone. It endows them with the ability to manage their finances wisely and imbibe the virtues of saving. The moonstone can get them new exchanges and business opportunities. The Cancerians should wear a new and clear moonstone to balance positive and negative energies.

Leo: Bringing in a mammoth of financial luck for Leo, the stone recommended for them is Ruby. It removes obstacles from their path to success and at the same time offers them the gift of humility. It can also help overcome difficulties in obtaining property and loss of assets. After consulting with an expert astrologer, it should be worn on Tuesdays.

Virgo: Yellow Sapphire is the luckiest stone for the Virgos. It gives them the motivation to reach new heights and also enhances their financial prospects. It is also widely known to bring good luck to its owner. It attracts success like a magnet for the Virgos. It should be worn only on the right index finger on a Thursday after properly consulting with an astrologer and should never be worn with a Diamond.

Libra: The balanced Librans are advised to wear an Opal for luck. It wards off all negative energies, helps take the right decisions, and works to provide them immense motivation and energy. It focuses their mental capacities on work and helps them to achieve desired results. Wearing it at the start of some significant event can get them the results they want.

Scorpio: Helping them deal with their cantankerous nature, Coral is the lucky stone for Scorpions. It helps them bring consistency in their lives by balancing emotions and releasing tension. After consulting with an expert astrologer, it should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand.

Sagittarius: Blue Sapphire is the luckiest stone for the Sagittarians. This stone brings them good fortune and health. It also brings financial stability to those who are experiencing difficulties. It is known to give the fastest results and provide solutions to major problems. It should be worn alone on a Saturday on the advice of an astrologer.

Capricorn: Capricorns are advised to wear an Onyx for success and to ward off negativity especially at work. It provides them which strength and determination which are indispensable for their success. It also helps fight Capricorn’s tendency of spending money too carelessly. With the help of this stone, you can meet all your goals and overcome every obstacle.

Aquarius: Amethyst is an Aquarian’s luckiest stone as it is known to bring stability in their life. By bringing in the much needed calm disposition to their lives, it enables them to resolve the most complex of situations. It also brings abundance and prosperity in all ventures involving finances and capital. It should be worn only after proper consultation with an astrologer.

Pisces: Pisceans are recommended to wear Jade for good fortune and luck. It gives them a shield to ward off negative energies. Jade assists Pisces in clear reasoning which helps them make the right decisions. It increases their focus as well and shows them the right path to achieve their goals.

Article Source: Your Future

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